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Coyote makes for unusual guest at Chicago Quiznos restaurant


Quiznos Vows to Support All Two-legged and Four-legged Guests Looking for ‘More Meat’, Donates $1,000 to Chicago Animal Care and Control Where Coyote Currently Resides

DENVER, CO – 3 April, 2007 – Quiznos, one of the nation's fastest-growing quick service restaurant chains, today received a first-of-its-kind visit from an unusual guest at a Chicago-based Quiznos restaurant – a wild coyote.

The restaurant, located at 37 E. Adams in downtown Chicago, hosted the coyote for about 40 minutes Tuesday afternoon before it was taken away by Chicago Animal Care and Control officers, where he was affectionately named Adrian by the local staff.

"We’ve certainly been looking to expand our customer base and appeal to different demographics, and it appears that we have hit a chord with the animal kingdom," said Steve Provost, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Quiznos. "This has never happened before; we can only think that Adrian must have been attracted to our new Prime Rib on Garlic Bread and it's above average portions of meat. One thing is for sure, this coyote clearly has excellent taste."

Mr. Provost continued, "We will support the safety for Adrian and any other members of the wild animal kingdom who face severe challenges and unknown urban obstacles to find their way to Quiznos restaurants. We are pleased to donate $1,000 to Chicago Animal Care and Control, where Adrian currently resides."

Anne Kent, Executive Director for Chicago Animal Care and Control, said that

Adrian is in good shape, and did not come to the center injured as local reports claim.

"We just love animals and we make every attempt to make sure our animals are rescued and placed in safe havens when freed, transferred or adopted," said Ms. Kent. "Adrian is a sweetheart and a beautiful creature, and we have enjoyed having him visit us."

Adrian will leave Chicago's Animal Care and Control tomorrow at 11 AM as he makes his way to the Flint Creek Wildlife Refuge, where a safe home awaits him. Quiznos plans to bid him adieu tomorrow morning with the sub that he traveled far and wide for, a Prime Rib on Garlic Bread.

To view today's coverage of Adrian, visit ABC 7 Chicago's website at www.abc7chicago.com.