“She is 25 weeks pregnant. She is craving something. You don’t let a pregnant woman down.”

Who is she? Quiznos superfan Jenna B., from Burlington, Vermont. What was she craving? Our classic Chicken Carbonara sub, made just how she remembered it when she craved it while pregnant the first time with her son 7 years ago when she worked at a Quiznos.

The problem? The nearest Quiznos is more than four hours away from her – that’s when she wrote to us, desperate to find a way to get that sub in her pregnant belly.

“I was hangry when I sent an email through their website,” said Jenna. “I kind of forgot about it. I didn’t think I’d hear back from anyone, let alone have them come to my house a few weeks later.”

But that’s just what the Quiznos team did: they traveled from their headquarters in Denver to Burlington with baby gifts, all the fixings to make some Chicken Carbonara subs, and even a Quiznos toaster oven in tow. Why?

Our Help Desk Manager Michelle, who was the first to get Jenna’s note said it best: You don’t let a pregnant woman down.

The Q Team – or as hubby Richard called us, his Quiznos Heroes (blush!) – set up shop in Jenna’s kitchen to sling enough subs for her, her family and her freezer two months before her due date.

Do you have a Quiznos craving?

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