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Toasty Points FAQ

Please click here for FAQ on Order Ahead in the Toasty Points App

1. How many receipts can I scan? 

You can scan up to 2 receipts every 4 hours

2. How many redemptions can I use per visit?

You can use one redemption per visit

3. How do I redeem?

When you are in or near a Quiznos, open the app, click the 'redeem' button in the app, select how many points you would like to use, and then scan or show your code to the cashier.  After pressing redeem, you have 2 hours to use the code before it expires.

4. Do points expire?

Points do not expire

5. How do I earn points?

To earn points you tap the 'rewards' button, then tap 'earn' button in the app.  You can then scan your code at the cash register at time of purchase or scan the bar code on the bottom of your receipt.

6. What if I did not get the same amount of points that my receipt shows?

Points are given pre tax and rounded down to the nearest dollar.  

7. How do I find a Quiznos that is participating?

Tap 'locations' in the app to find a participating location

8. Do my points work at any Quiznos?

Your points can be earned or redeemed at any participating Quiznos.  Tap 'locations' in the app to find a Quiznos near you.

9. I scanned my receipt and did not get my points

Please contact us through the app and send a picture of your receipt to receive points

10. How long do I have to scan my receipts?

Bar codes can be scanned for 14 days

11. I don't have an Iphone or Android, can I still participate in the loyalty program?

Yes, please go here -https://www.quiznos.com/signup to sign up for Toasty Points.

12. Where are the terms and conditions for Toasty Points?

Please click here https://www.quiznos.com/about/privacy-policy

13. Do I get anything on my Birthday?

Yes, you will receive 10 bonus points on your birthday

14. Do I get anything if I use Facebook to sign up?

Yes, you will receive an additional 10 bonus points plus the sign up offer

15. Do I get anything when I sign up?

Yes, you will receive an offer for a free small sub with any purchase. To use this offer, go to the 'news and offers' section of the app

16. How do I login to Toasty Points?

To login, tap the 'login' button on the app and then enter your email and your password and tap 'login'. If you used Facebook to sign up, tap 'login with facebook'. If you are having issues logging in, tap the top left menu and then tap 'need help'. If you forgot your password or need to change it tap the 'forgot password' text on the 'login' screen

17. Why am I not receiving emails about offers and deals?

Please make sure loyalty@quiznos.com is an approved sender, or on your safe sender list

18. How do I update my account info?

Please tap the top left menu in the app and then tapp 'account settings'. Simply edit the info you need to change and tap 'update'. Note: to change your email or birthday please contact loyalty@quiznos.com