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Toasty Points Order Ahead FAQ

How do I order from the app? 

Just click the 'order' button in the app, select a store, pick a delicious Toasty sub and check out

Do I have to create a new account to order ahead with the app? 

If you have not ordered online with Quiznos, you will need to create a new order ahead account one time for security reasons

I have already ordered with Quiznos, can I use my existing account? 

You can use an existing account to access your saved payment options, delivery addresses, favorites, and past orders. To use this, instead of creating a new account, enter your current online account information into the app one time.

Can I use the app to deliver subs? 

Yes, you can use the app for delivery at locations that offer delivery.

How do I earn points on these purchases? 

After the store has accepted your order, you will receive points for your purchase

How do I redeem points or other offers? 

At checkout, you will see available offers and points you can apply to your order.

How do I know if the store accepted my order? 

You can check 'orders' by clicking the 'order' button, and then the ellipses button, then tap 'orders'. If your order still says pending, the store has not accepted your order yet. Please contact us through the app if you have issues with this