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Ingredient Sourcing

Quiznos continues to support best practices in ethical sourcing and humane animal treatment. To that end – and consistent with the commitments we have made – we are very pleased with our progress toward transitioning to the exclusive use of cage-free eggs in our egg menu products i.e. menu items, such as an egg sandwich, where eggs are a primary component.

At present, only approximately 14 Quiznos restaurants (about 5% of our restaurants) serve egg menu products – accounting for ~0.1% of total sales. We are proud to report that about 25% of our egg products are now made with cage-free eggs, putting us on track to achieve our stated goals of being 25% cage-free in 2024 and 100% in 2025. This progress is particularly notable given the extraordinary supply chain challenges experienced in recent years. 

With respect to our broader menu, items such as soups, desserts or dressings – where traces of eggs may be an ingredient in an overall recipe – were never considered an egg menu product for the purposes of transition goals. In the interest of transparency, we view it important to make clear that these items are not made “in-house” and are typically sourced from other approved suppliers who raise and/or produce, handle, own, or transport ingredients and have the size and operational capability to deliver supplies to each Quiznos restaurant. 

We require all suppliers to abide by all applicable laws, codes and regulations, expect them to conform their practices to published standards and certainly hope they adopt best practices in ethical sourcing and humane animal treatment to the best of their ability. However, Quiznos is simply not in a position to dictate or interfere with how independent vendors manage their own ingredient sourcing policies with respect to cage-free eggs.

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